Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage for loss of or damage to goods in transit by road either inland purchases or sales/transfer.

• ITC (B): Fire, Lightning, Collision with or by the carrying vehicle, Overturning or derailment or similar accidents, Breakage of bridge are covered under the policy.

Additional cover:
• Riot, Strike, and civil commotion. Flood, Inundation and Storm.

• Wilful misconduct • Ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume or ordinary wear and tear • Inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter • Delay howsoever caused • Insolvency or financial default of carrier • Inadequate packing, war and kindred perils, lock-out and terrorism. War risk, Earthquake, Volcanic eruption.

Basis of Insurance:
• Invoice value for the new items/goods and used items/goods it is a market value.
• Specific Policy - A separate Policy for each consignment / transit.

Other conditions and warranties:
• Excluding Loss/damage due to rust , oxidation, discoloration, Mechanical, electric & electronic derangement unless caused by ICCB/ITC B perils
• Excluding Mould, mildew, contamination, infestation, spoilage unless caused by accidental, external, fortuitous and insured perils
• Excluding denting scratching, breakage & bending unless caused by accidental, external, fortuitous and insured peril
• Warranted cargo is carried in a closed vehicle/wagon or a vehicle/wagon duly covered with a serviceable tarpaulin for Inland Leg of Journey.
• warranted that the container certified fit & clean to carry the insured cargo
• Warranted adequate packing to withstand the intended journey (g) unexplained shortage is not covered
• Excluding shortage and leakage from sound and sealed packing
• Incase the weight of the cargo exceeds than Registration Laden weight/ Licensed Carrying Capacity of the vehicle, as mentioned in the Registration Certificate of the vehicle - Over loading not covered.

Various products, (Excluding the contra bond items and wherever there is a restriction we can impose the condition depending on the commodity and Items other items like (a) tanker like Crude oil, petrochemicals, LPG, LNG
(b) Cement, Sugar and Salt
(c) Jewellery and precious ornament, Money, shares, bonds and similar items
(d) Refrigerated good cargo – Frozen goods)

Premium for a Cargo please refer the web site.
• Excess: 1% of the consignment value, subject to minimum of Rs.1, 000/- for each and every claim.
• Sum insured range: up to 25,00,000/-
• (For more clarity for the ITC B – Please refer separate sheet attached with this documents).

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